Monday, June 21, 2010

And so it begins...

Hi, Im Jeannie, and Im a Craft-aholic. And a Hobby-aholic. And everything else. I change my mind lot. My husband would say that's an understatement. He says I have a different hobby everyday. He's wrong. It more like every month or so. Anyway, Its not that I stop liking my old hobby, its more like I get bored and if I happen to see something new,I suddenly have a new hobby! It happens like magic,seriously. Im that good. ;)
All of my crafting adventures,good AND bad, have brought me here. Ive spent days and nights looking at all the awesome craft blogs on here and was dying to try pretty much EVERYTHING. But I also found myself trying to change up some of the ways others did things or just wishing the tutorial was described in more depth. Then I thought, "Hey I could do that. I think." And thus this blog was born. Hopefully I can keep it interesting enough to keep everybody's attention,that's just one of my goals! Let me know if you'd like to see anything in particular. Im always up for new ideas. Thanks for reading, and Happy Crafting!

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  1. I am a huge fan of yours! You have such great ideas.It is true that you always put your own twist on things and I am lovin' it! I love your ideas for your house and I am sure that one day you will be the next "Martha Stuart". Maybe even own your own hobby and craft line :) If you need any consultation on names,I am willing to help. Here are just a few ideas : Neen's Things; Jeannie's Beanies; TTDWYRB (Things to do when your really bored); Freed Crafts; and for some reason this one keeps coming to mind...This Mommies Hobbies.
    Keep up the good work! Love, your BIG SIS :)


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